Top 7 types of pizza ovens Melbourne can make delicious pizzas in!

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Do you have all-time pizza cravings? Or do you want to have your own family pizza recipe? It's the perfect time for you to buy your own pizza oven for baking hot and fresh, traditional smokey pizzas at an affordable price!

At Pizza Ovens and More Melbourne, we build the most dependable and safe types of pizza ovens such as domestic oven, commercial oven, mobile oven, gas pizza oven, alfresco pizza oven, Mediterranean pizza oven and also outdoor pizza oven that are guaranteed to take your pizza making experience to a whole new level. We have a whole range of different types of pizza ovens which are available at different sizes to fit into your cooking place.  

Mobile Oven

Mobile pizza ovens have a brick fire cooing base and a dome fabricated with thick stainless steel which makes the pizza oven steady and easily portable. These are successful in catering small food trucks, small kitchen in household, or small pizza delivery business. The portable ovens on wheels are highly efficient and can reach a temperature to 450ºC within 30 minutes making it ideal for cooking!

Gas Pizza Oven

A gas pizza oven is the easiest to operate. You can turn the gas on, let it heat up, let your pizza in and watch it turn into a delicious homemade healthy pizza. You won’t get the authentic smokey flavour because there is no wood required. The temperature can reach upto 400ºC to 500ºC within 30 minutes. It is a refractory dome chamber oven which weighs less than 45 kg. There are two types of gas pizza oven fuel--- Butane and Propane.

You can keep your own gas pizza oven inside the house, backyard, balcony, terrace or kitchen. The refractory dome keeps heat inside even after the gas has been turned off. It is one of the most efficient outdoor pizza ovens. Gas pizza oven allows you to roast and bake food with less effort and hassle-free.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a dependent or independent standing oven which can evenly distribute the heat by reaching a very high temperature of 430ºC or more. It has a dome-shaped cooking chamber which gives a crusty smoky flavour to the pizzas. The cooking surface is made of ceramic, brick or stone which pulls the moisture from the dough to produce a crispy crust on the pizzas. Outdoor ovens can be of two types--- gas-charcoal and wood-fired.

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