Top 7 Benefits of having a Wood-fired Pizza Oven in your backyard!


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Food has the tendency to absorb flavours. Be it from spices, from herbs or even the natural fuel it has been cooked on. Woodfire cooking is viewed as an old school method that undoubtedly blesses the food with flavours, aroma and appearance no one can forget.

Pizza is a comfort food any day. You have it whenever the body desires. If you are someone who hasn’t yet tried making their pizza in a wood-fired oven, then you are here for an experience. Cooking in a wood-fired oven is not just a meal preparation method, it is an experience every pizza lover should experience.

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of having a Wood-fired Pizza Oven in your Backyard!

2. Wood-fire ovens are superior grade cooking appliances

A wood-fire oven uses three modes of heating,

Convection: Without the need of a fan, the oven’s dome-shaped designed is capable of recirculating the heat. This is by virtue of the fact that wood-fire and heat occupy one end of the oven while its dome shape curls fire and ensures even heating throughout the cooking process.

Conduction: The bricks are responsible for refractory property and for storing heat. This stored heat is then used to cook food that has been placed in an oven by heating up the vessels. The conduction process is the reason for the signature crust formation pizza is known for.
Radiation: The heat generated by wood-fire is stored in the brick wall lining as well in the dome structure. This heat gets radiated thought the structure to ensure even cooking of the food. For the same reason, you can even reheat pizza in the same oven.,trick here is to consider firing the pizza oven in advance. Keep the fuel supply constant. This way, when your pizza parts slices to open, delicious pizza and other baked items leave the woodfired oven in no time!

3. The advantage of high-temperature cooking in a wood-fired oven

Wood-fired ovens have the ability to reach higher temperatures in a considerably lower amount of time when compared with other fuels. For this reason, the food gets cooked easily and locks more flavours than it would if cooked on other fuels. Moreover, cooking in a wood-fire oven is a healthier option that not only adds benefits to the body but also to the environment.

6. Ideal for pizza parties even on hot summer days or cold winter nights

An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven not only adds to the beauty of your backyard but also makes pizza parties possible even when the season is being unreasonable. A wood-fire oven does not heat up the environment. So, while you spread sauce and herbs, be sure that you won’t be sweating at night out of the heat.

7. You won’t have to worry about gas and electricity with a wood-fire oven!

Making pizzas at home should be a fun experience when you do not have to worry about gas and electricity bill. a wood-fire oven has just one cost to add - the need for wood. Otherwise, once the woods gets ignited, there needs to be nothing that must keep the fire going. Wood-fire ovens do their part in saving energy.


We, at Pizza Ovens, aspire to design the best wood-fired pizza oven in Australia. With decades of experience in crafting the best ovens, we have realised how cherished it is to have the luxury to make authentic pizzas in comforts of home. Our designs are fire-safe and thus, you do not have to worry about hazards every time you cook. With simple yet effective exhaust systems, the pizza ovens will not smoke your surroundings no matter how many pizzas you make..

The joy of pizza magnifies when the whole bunch of family and friends get together making pizza right from the point where dough is kneaded. This increase a sense of belonging and adds a pinch of love to the recipe. Our pizza ovens are super easy to use and a safe for you and for the environment. So even if it is a Sunday or just a week of elaborate holidays, never miss the opportunity to bring family and friends closer. We believe in a pizza a day keeps the whole family on the table! So, why wait for your pizza at fast food joints when you can make your very own in your backyard! Try out new recipes or simply rehearse the age-old practices. Bake bread and make delicious sandwiches or simply try that new recipe you read on some fancy cooking website!

Pizza Ovens, we have established ourselves as a wood-fire pizza oven making a legacy that Australia can take pride in.



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