Soprano 1100mm

Now you are moving into an oven size and look that will separate you from the pack. The Soprano is not out of place in a café. Several of my customers have installed the soprano and are very happy.

Key Features

Base sizes and shapes are totally flexible. We strongly recommend that you consult our detailed downloadable instructions prior to building your base, or even better, call us and let us assist. We can build any design that suits your needs
Australian-made, high grade components that make up the oven substructure. GAS FIRED OPTION AVAILIBLE

Gas Enabled

Compelete Kit

With our fantastic Soprano complete kit, you get all the components listed:
1.Quality thick refractory/clay two piece dome.
2.Huge front chamber.
3.Two piece refractory floor.
4.Chimney stack.
5.Terracotta-look entry plinth also available in stainless steel.
6.Impressive unique oven entry mouth.
7.Stainless steel door and flue with cowling, big roll of ceramic fibre insulation matting.

Fully Installed

The fully installed Soprano option is the best deal in town combined with an oven quality that is top tier delivered, assembled, installed, bricked, rendered coloured, all materials included. If you need a base also we can help out with designing the right one for you.


The custom Soprano option gives you the customer, the opportunity to tell us what you want your oven to look like, what finish, what shape (yes we can make the external look of your oven to whatever shape and design you want) and colour.
If you need a base also we can help out with designing the right one for you. We have some great base options, even ones where you can have your 1500kg oven on wheels! We are happy to innovate and design with you! Brick, block, steel, bluestone.
Flue installs and designs both inside and outside, single and triple skin, straight or in and around.

Semi Installed DIY

The Semi DIY is a terrific offer for you. What you get is a completely supplied and installed oven but at a highly discounted rate! What’s the catch? All you have to do is supply the bricks for the outer insulating shell layer, sand and cement and also help with some labouring and assembly and you save approx. $200 and your out-of-pocket expenses are about $100! Even less if you have access to old solid bricks.


External dimensions of oven

Length ( front to back) - 1800mm

Width ( left to right) - 1450mm

Height ( excluding flue) - 750mm

Weight - 1500kg (without slab)

Flue Dimensions

Height - 1200mm

Diameter - 250mm