Commercial 1100mm Wood and Gas Fired options

Now you are moving into an oven size and look that will separate you from the pack. With its huge 1 meter front plate and great design The Soprano is not out of place in a café or at home, We have Gas Fired Sopano’s doing a fantastic job also. Several of my customers have installed the soprano and are very happy.

Key Features

Base sizes and shapes are totally flexible. We strongly recommend that you get us in to provide you with a free site assessment consult our detailed downloadable instructions prior to building your base, . We can build any design that suits your needs Australian-made, high grade components that make up the oven substructure.


External dimensions of oven
Length (front to back) 1800mm
Width (left to right) 1450mm
Height (excluding flue) 750mm
Weight 1500kg (without slab)
Flue Dimensions
Height 1200mm
Diameter 250mm

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