Why would I buy a PizzaOvensNmore oven?

The best oven. Quality traditional oven at an unmatched price. We provide the best commercial quality, fair priced ovens in Australia. You get fantastic service to boot. And with ovens it is all about holding heat; ‘ours do this so well’. Why else would pizzarias and cafés use our product! Do not be fooled by the importance of heat retention and also our ovens look fantastic with our unique and effective smoke chamber, so we have the looks and perform as well.

Q) Do you use chicken wire and mortar to cover your domes like others on the market?

A) No. A good oven is one that holds heat and you can manage the temperature, even after being fired up all day; the outside should only be warm. A thin layer of mortar will not do it, you lose too much heat, and need to feed wood in all the time. Our ovens are constructed with thick domes; insulation, sisolation and to add to that we put bricks on top. Bricks are solid and a terrific insulator, so much easier to lay, you do not need to be a bricklayer to do it, and much easier than trying to shape a huge mass of sand and cement!

Q) So that means I need to supply bricks and sand?

A) Yes, but they are so cheap to get locally, you save money on the oven kit because we do not need to ship you the easy stuff! We are supplying you the important bits. The bricks sand and cement for a Sinatra will cost you $100; any solid brick will do; you might have some at home! In fact, I build ovens for a living; the only time I touch a trowel is to smooth the surface a bit, otherwise I use a mallet and rubber gloves!. Another point to consider – if you were to use mortar to insulate your oven properly, you would need 100mmthickness minimum to do it effectively. Do you realise how many bags of sand this is, it is about 20 bags for a small oven !

Q) But I am not a brick layer!

A) No matter what kit you buy from anyone, you need to be a bit hands-on. Brick laying is easier to build a wall than mortar!! With bricks you will get a better job, quicker and easier, just be patient and call me any time; Do not be fooled into thinking because everything is in a kit that it is easier! Pizza ovens are not IKEA flat packs, you want a good oven for a good price, I will help you all the way. And we are not interested in competing in the volume market; we focus on true quality !

Q) Do you custom build ovens on site?

A) Yes we do, this is our area of specialization, we design and build to suit your needs. I will put an oven anywhere you want. We build bases to specific design in both steel and block work

Q) What is the best oven for an average family home?

A) We like to discuss the best option for you as this question is also governed by area available, but if we go by our bestselling oven for the home, it will be the Pacino oven, which can cater for up to 40-50 or just your family and friends. It can cook 3-4 large pizzas at one time. It is a terrific oven for your home.

Q) Will ovens deteriorate or ruin if placed in the outdoor environment?

A) Our ovens have been designed to sit outdoors and to resist the weather conditions. You will see in our gallery many outdoor designs, as I brick them, then also render and texture-will resist any weather.

Q) What can be cooked in the wood fire oven?

A) Our ovens are true traditional style baking ovens. Once you reach the cooking temperature, you can cook anything you need to breads, pizzas to roasts, whole lamb, tandoori, turkeys, fish, stews, curries,

Q) How long will it take for you to build for me?

A) Depending on location; in general works like this – (day 1) install and brick; (day 2) render; (day 3) colour; (day 4) pebbles /tiles if required. Then it is all yours!

Q) What types of oven trays are best for cooking in the wood fire oven?

A) Normal ovenproof baking trays, pizza trays and also aluminium disposable baking trays.We recommend cooking pizza and bread directly on the cooking floor on the oven with no trays.

Q) What type of wood is best for firing the oven?

A) Very dry red gum, yellow and white boxwoods are suitable. You can buy from your local service station.

Q) Where can I purchase bricks, cement and sand for cementing the outer oven?

A) Local sand suppliers or hardware; 1 bag cement, 1xlime, 2 barrows sand and bricks; you can use any solid brick

Q) What about the render finish, is it hard to do?

A) No it is really easy; just trowel on and get it as even as you can, then a damp sponge in a circular motion to even it out.

Q) How thick do I need to apply render finish on the outer oven?

A) Since we use bricks just a minimum, 5mm is required, the bricks are doing all the insulation and so much easier than applying 100mm or sand and cement!!

Q) Is it easy to build an oven myself?

A) If you are a handy person, then yes! If not, and you are unsure, our price is very competitive to supply and install. You will not get a better commercial grade oven for the price.

Q) What are the pre-cast oven pieces made of?

A) High quality refractory materials and clay are used.

Q) Do your ovens smoke?

This sets our ovens apart from the competition. Our unique front chamber reduces start up smoke by a huge amount; with the right flue length you may never get smoke out the front, even when lighting up for the first time!!