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Melbourne! Make the most out of pizza nights with a wood-fired pizza oven!


Wood-fired pizza ovens are an amazing addition to the family. They are multipurpose, can make delicious and authentic pizzas, and even loaves of bread in the convenience of your home! Pizza Ovens and More Melbourne brings you a list of amazing things you can do with an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard! We also present a small yet detailed outdoor woodfired pizza oven buying guide so that all your experiences are crispy and flavorful!

Pizzas have travelled from Italy to the world! As a popular food item in Melbourne, pizza has seen a tremendous rise. We at Pizza Ovens and More provide affordable pizza oven services and products that are sure to give you experiences that are worth cherishing a lifetime!

The heat from an outdoor woodfired pizza oven is always enough

Woodfired pizza ovens involve high heat method of cooking that cooks meals quicker and with more flavours. The high heat cooking is by virtue of the heat convection process. Once the wood-fired oven’s fuel is torched, the temperature inside the oven reaches 800 °F (~ 426 °C) within minutes of lighting up. Moreover, the brick pizza oven keeps the heat intact in its domed structure, maintaining temperature constant. Such high-temperature cooks the pizza or any other food item rather quickly than an otherwise oven would do. The fact that fuel used is wood, it does not pollute the environment which is a result of this oven’s well-thought design. A woodfired pizza oven boosts flavours in all dimensions!

Pizza oven installation is not a tough task!

Outdoor woodfired pizza oven installation is pretty simple and you get the luxury to either try it yourself or get it done by professionals at Pizza Oven and More Melbourne. This option comes handy when you want to pick fresh bricks of your preference and get involved in the assembling process yourself. The perk here is that you get to choose which brick goes well with your budget, theme and other general preferences. For a professional, quick and time-efficient pizza oven installation, our services are always open!

Delicious pizza leaves the oven quickly!

Temperature inside woodfired pizza oven reaches a range of 800 °F ( ~ 426 °C) within minutes of firing up. The shape of a woodfired oven is such that it can recirculate heat inside it. The recirculated heat keeps the temperature inside the oven constant. As the temperature inside the oven gets optimum, the cooking time on each pizza decreases drastically viz., it drops to as low as 3 minutes (depending on the type of pizza crust). So, there will always be freshly out of oven pizza on the tables. The same goes for loaves of bread, cakes and even cookies! They bake faster, cool down in the ambience and are ready to be served without much time and energy input


Outdoor woodfired pizza ovens are versatile. They can either be used for domestic purposes or can even be used to make your own special pizza at your restaurant. It accommodates all needs within a budget. If you are someone who loves hosting pizza nights, an outdoor woodfired pizza oven is all that you need!

At Pizza Ovens and More, we provide a wide range of pizza ovens that fit your space, preference, need and pocket. Our services are quick and stand strong against the test of time.

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