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We are here for all those who are committed enough to build a domestic oven worthy of being the envy of the neighbourhood. We have assembled the top wood-fired pizza oven kits that are specialised to make the perfect pizza, bread, meat, or any other food that you can enhance with your wood-smoked flavour. After all, food cooked using wood always has a very different and better taste to it, which is worth all the effort in the end. Keep reading to see how our DIY domestic oven kits can help you on your cooking journey.

Perfect For Indoor Purposes

Our domestic ovens are designed using proprietary refractory formula and high-quality ceramic fibre insulation. They are ideal for families who want to install their oven designs in a few days instead of months, and also want the very best wood-fired pizza oven to bake in. Our DIY domestic oven kits come complete with all materials needed to build and finish the oven. With step-by-step instructions and all materials pre-cut and renders pre-mixed, the guesswork is taken out of construction, keeping your construction time to a minimum.Our smallest wood-fired oven is suitable for cooking one to two 11" pizza at the same time. This affordable oven is mainly used for non-commercial use. You can use it in a balcony, in a backyard, front yard or a smaller kitchen. This oven only weighs 80 kgs and can be transported in a car as well.

How can you get your hands on this DIY domestic oven kit?

With all these things discussed, if you are looking for a way to create superior quality pizzas in the comfort of your home, we have the perfect solution. All components of our domestic ovens are prepared in our factory from the highest quality refractory materials and delivered straight to your door. To learn more about our range of DIY domestic oven kits in Australia, drop us a message, and we will reach out to you at the earliest.


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