Different types of delicious pizzas that you can absolutely make in a Wood Fired pizza oven!


Melbourne, it’s time for pizza!


Pizza has travelled a long way ever since its birth in Italy. The popularity of this fast food has grown from Italy to America and to Australia! The basic pizza was made and served to people in Italy. It is the Italian immigrants living in America who started pizza culture in the land. With the voyage, this delicious delicacy made its way to Australian plates.

While the history of pizza is rich, fascinating and very interesting, the fact today is - there are just so many pizza variants you can choose from! So, while you decide on the pizza night party, let us introduce you to the various available pizza that you can absolutely make in your wood-fired pizza oven for the absolute delight of your family and friends!

Sfincione - the square pizza pie

Sicilian pizza is known for a pillow crust, flavour-rich dough and an incredible blend of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil and herbs. This pizza has a trademark rectangular shape that is often considered when describing its features. The mozzarella cheese is layered under the tomato sauce to prevent sogginess. For the purpose of personalisation, you can add any toppings (which are filling) to the Sicilian pizza and make your own recipe. To get the best crust and top layer in your Sicilian pizza, bake it for 15-20 minutes in the wood fire pizza. Let it rest for some time; this allows flavours to settle down between more layers.

Calzone - the puffed pizza

Imagine gorging on a pastry looking delicacy and having your mouth full of pizza flavours! That exactly what Calzone pizza is. It is basically a pizza that has been folded over to form a pastry shape and has incredible pizza filling like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, herbs and if preferred, meat. It has a very rich texture to it thanks to the baking it undergoes in the wood-fired oven. The pizza is ideal for quick snacks and can be customised to meet your Australian cravings. Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven ensures you get the authentic Italian (more specifically, Naples) flavours.

Greek pizza – here’s the sauce

If your pizza preferences are more saucy than cheesy, then the Green pizza is just for you. A bite of this delicious pizza causes an explosion of tomato sauces and oregano in your mouth. Add the fact that the crust is puffy and chewy, you can bet that there will be sauce in every corner of your mouth. The pizza is thick and high on puffiness and is backed with a wonderful deep-fried bottom. While sauce is indeed the highlight of the Greek pizza, it does not deprive you of the delights of cheese by including a decent topping of cheese, typically combining mozzarella and cheddar. A pizza truly fit for your inner Greek god/goddess!

Detroit pizza – the true automotive pizza

Detroit is one of the best-established automobile hubs in the world and the Detroit pizza pays homage to that. Originally baked in a pan derived from automotive parts, this pizza rides its way to your mouth with the flourish of pepperoni and oodles of cheese! The crust of this pizza is thick and crispy to enhance the pleasure of gorging on the pizza. To top it up, the Detroit pizza is laced with sauce to enrich the experience. A perfect pizza for your long car drives.
Pizza is more than a delicacy. It has been a part of many families who have a recipe they cherish in every family reunion. A wood-fired pizza oven will not only seal moments in flavour but also keep the surroundings clean and smoke free. Melbourne, it is time for pizza parties!

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