Commercial Pizza Oven Kits

Prepare Ovens for Your Business Through our DIY Commercial Pizza Oven Kits

If you are looking to cater to a large number of people – be it, large families, for commercial use, or if you are a hospitality enthusiast – you have landed on the right page. With our range of DIY commercial pizza oven kits, we provide you with everything you need to install your large-scale commercial oven.

Components of Our DIY Commercial Pizza Oven Kits

The commercial ovens you can make through using our DIY commercial oven kits offer you both the freedom and flexibility to create superior quality ovens based on a variety of choices. Firstly, we render them in any colour you desire. It also contains a stainless steel flue, hat and entrance plate, pizza paddle and wood poker. We also provide an oven door with a thermometer.The standard-sized oven is alsosuitable for cooking two 11'" pizzas at the same time, while our large-sized oven is suitable for cooking four 11" pizzas at the same time. This oven is mostly used in commercial businesses such as restaurants and catering businesses. The oven weighs 200 kg (standard size) and 250 kg (large size) and has a steel trolley with wheels.

Features of Our Commercial Pizza Ovens

Our commercial pizza ovens are known to heat faster and hold heat for longer. You can quickly cook more than 1000 degrees, all thanks to a proprietary blend of commercial-grade refractory cement. The combination of alumina, silica and stainless-steel fibres throughout the entire mixture helps prevent problems like thermal shock, expansion and cracking, thereby resulting in a long life of all products created through our DIY commercial oven kits.

How to equip your business with a commercial pizza oven now?

With all these things discussed, If you’re looking for a way to make superior quality pizzas and to establish your business in this large industry, we have the perfect solution for you. All components of our commercial pizza ovens are prepared in our factory from the highest quality refractory materials and delivered complete to your business door.To learn more about our range of DIY commercial oven kits in Australia, get in touch with us [email protected], today!


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