9 Important Things About Woodfired Pizza Oven You Need to Know!


Melbourne! Make the most out of pizza nights with a wood-fired pizza oven!


A wood fire oven is an amazing cooking equipment. What magnifies its presence in the kitchen is the fact that by using simple tricks and tips, you can get the best out of the wood fired pizza oven! At Pizza Ovens and More, we are committed to make your pizza experience worth every slice! With our list of 9 important things to know about woodfired pizza ovens, make pizza like a pro!

Have you been waiting for a guide that would make your pizza making experience easier? Here we are!

I kmn this blog post, Pizza Ovens and More spills secrets on how you can be an amazing pizza chef at home! These tricks and tips are easy to follow and can be mastered over time with practice! We recommend you follow safety rules while working with a wood fired pizza oven. Ready? Pizza? Go!

Dinner party ahead? A big one? We got you!

A wood fire pizza oven is your superhero when it comes to big pizza night parties! Not only does the woodfired oven heat up real quick, it also maintains the ideal cooking temperature that will send arrays of delicious pizzas! Pizzeria at home? Absolutely!

The trick here is to consider firing the pizza oven in advance. Keep the fuel supply constant. This way, when your pizza parts slices to open, delicious pizza and other baked items leave the woodfired oven in no time!

Residual heat at work

Residual heat is the heat that is left after the fuel has burnt out. To make the most of your woodfired pizza oven, we advise baking loaves of bread or your favourite dessert that do not particularly have high temperature needs. This way, you in a way prepare for another meal setting!

The other super-effective way of utilising residual heat from woodfired pizza oven is to kiln dry your own wood. For this, clear out all the ember once cooking is over, place it in your seasoned wood and bring the door back in place. The ember dries out the wood moisture, making it easier to burn. Do not leave the wood unattended. Store the dried wood in a clean and moisture free place.

Wondering why you need a woodfired pizza oven? Pizza Ovens and More tells you why:

Wood-fire ovens are superior grade cooking appliances that utilise the temperature spectrum to its advantage!

A wood-fire oven makes use of three different modes of heating:

Convection: Without the need of a fan, the oven’s dome-shaped design is capable of recirculating the heat. The wood-fire and heat occupies one end of the oven, while the dome shape curls fire and ensures even heating throughout the cooking process.

Conduction: The bricks are responsible for refractory property and for storing heat in a woodfired pizza oven. This stored heat is then used to cook food that has been placed in the oven by heating up the vessels. The conduction process is the reason for the signature crust formation pizza is popular for.

Radiation: The heat generated by wood-fire is stored in the brick wall lining as well in the pizza ocean's dome structure. This heat gets radiated through the structure to ensure uniform cooking of the food. For the same reason, you can even reheat pizza in the same oven as you made it using residual heat.


Wood-fired ovens have the ability to attain higher temperatures in a considerably lower amount of time especially when compared with other types of fuels. This results in the food being cooked easily and locks more flavours than it would have, if cooked on any other type of fuel.

Wood-fired pizza oven installation is highly flexible and it can be mended into your setting. So you do not have to particularly make space for it. Moreover, the fact that the pizza oven can be made to reheat or even bake using residual heat makes the oven fuel efficient. A woodfired pizza oven adds a very personal touch to your home. If you are passionate about baking and experimenting, then a woodfired pizza oven is all that you need!

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