5 Types of Delicious Pizzas Made From Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

woodfired pizza

Compliment your best value pizza oven with absolutely lip-smacking pizzas!


Pizza comes in heaps of varieties and each and every one of them is special in their own delicious way.

But let's be very honest here…

There's something extra special about pizzas made from wood-fired pizza ovens.

The smoky flavours… the perfectly cooked dough… the barbequed cheese… it's beyond this world!

At Pizza Ovens and More, Melbourne's premier manufacturer of wood-fired pizza ovens for sale, firmly believe that they are the best ovens to make pizza.

And if you have ever tasted fresh pizza out of a wood-fired oven, you know what we are talking about!

Various types of pizzas that should be on your must-try list!!
The OG Classic Pizzas

This is the vintage pizza that we have all grown up with. Loaded with cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, olives and meat (sausage or bacon), this is the definition of pizza for all of us.

Despite being a 'basic' pizza style, you can try out a multitude of toppings for it. This is the classic combination of taste and flavours that we associate with pizza by default. So no matter how many new and breathtaking pizzas come up, the magic of the OG pizza will always prevail!

Seafood Pizzas

There is always an ardent lover of seafood among us. And if you add pizza to that, it only gets grander!

Be it fish, shrimp, squid or crab… the stage is all yours to use them as mouth-watering toppings for your oceanic pizza. To get the ultimate seafood experience from your pizza, add on olive oil, cheese (preferably romano, parmesan or mozzarella), garlic and some spices. Saute the seafood with the spices and let it shimmer stop your pizza crust. Bake until golden brown to make it a

All you need are olive oil, garlic, mozzarella cheese, romano cheese, parmesan cheese and a little bit of parsley to have some greens. Saute garlic in olive oil and parsley before adding shrimp and crab meat. Scatter the mozzarella cheese on your pizza crust and then pour the sauteed seafood on it. Smother it with the other cheeses. For the finale, bake in any of our wood-fired pizza ovens until it's golden brown and feast on a pizza that's made for Poseidon!

Veggies Extravaganza

This is for all those who love to gorge on the veggie delights of pizza but by no means should meat lovers give this a pass! Vegetables as pizza toppings is a mandatory experience for all to cherish.

There is no shortage of the vegetables that go gloriously with our wood-fired pizza oven Melbourne or Alfresco pizza ovens. So use your creativity and try it out the way you want!

As we have already mentioned, pizza is an experience...

An experience that you deserve to enjoy at the comfort of your home.

Eager to become a pizza chef and dish out the most delicious pizzas on your own?

All you need is:
  • A passionate love for pizza
  • A penchant for variety
  • A hungry and creative mind
  • Australia's best wood-fired pizza oven

For the last pointer, Pizza Ovens and More have you covered!

Dear Home Pizza Chef…


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