4 Types of Pizza Ovens Adelaide Uses to Make Pizza!


Cooking with Pizza Oven is fun when you know which is the right pizza oven for you!


Pizza can make anyone go jolly. The crust, sauces, toppings and the wide range of personalisation of flavours the food brings in are incredibly vast and impressive. Did you know that the flavours enhance when a specific style of the pizza oven is used while making the pizza? Today’s world has got some real quick, effective and easy solutions that help in making pizza better and more appealing to the tasting platter.

Today, Pizza Oven and More Adelaide bring you the Four Types of Pizza Ovens that can cook the most delicious Pizza!

4 Types of Pizza Ovens For Better Pizza Experience

Brick Pizza Ovens

Authentic pizza is categorised by its rustic looking and tasting crust that brings in the essence of classic Italian pizzeria right onto your table. The brick oven works on wood-fire (and is thus also known as wood-fired pizza oven) and once it has been fired up, the oven temperature reaches as high as 700°F to 1000°F. The built of a brick pizza oven is such that it circulates heat and hot air evenly throughout its interiors thereby ensuring even cooking of the pizza. The pizza wood-fire oven can be used in home and as well as in commercial spaces. The overall time taken to cook a pizza is quite less and the heat from the wood-fire adds a tinge of rustic flavours to the pizza, cooks the sauces properly and keeps the toppings moist.

The benefits of using a Brick Pizza Oven:
  • Maintaining the heat inside a brick pizza oven is easy and simple. Once the oven gets heated adequately, the flame can be turned down to minimum without any loss in heat
  • Due to the high range of temperatures that this oven reaches and maintains, pizza cooks completely in just 2-4 minutes
  • The wood-fired oven adds a unique flavour to the pizza that is just like the essence of the old timed Italian pizzeria. The sauces and toppings cook to their best
  • Maintaining a brick pizza oven is not time-consuming. It is rather simple and easy

Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Conveyor pizza ovens use the classic mechanical means of supply transportation - conveyor belts. These commercial pizza ovens are highly efficient and are used by pizza giant companies for mass production of pizza. Such ovens run on gas or electric mode of heating that depends on the type of pizza being cooked. These pizza ovens have the capacity to yield a large number of pizzas in one round of cooking. The ready pizza with sauce and toppings is placed on the conveyer belt and is made to convey around the heating element. Once the pizza gets cooked (time-dependent), the conveyor belt shifts and takes the pizza for packaging. The only drawback in using such an oven is that it fails to exactly create the authentic flavour of an classic Italian pizzeria.

The benefits of using Conveyor Pizza Ovens:
  • The conveyor pizza oven prevents drying of the food by keeping the heat constant and the moisture content intact
  • Large scale production of a single type of pizza becomes possible with the use of conveyor pizza oven
  • The forced air method of cooking forms a membrane around the food’s surface that seals moisture content while the food is being cooked
  • The pizza oven is easy to operate and is super efficient in handling mass production of pizza


There is no doubt about the fact that cooking pizza is an experience that many look forward to. Not only does it bring family and friends together but it also lets you bond over cooking methods, teaming up to make new pizza every time and enjoy authentic pizza taste right at the comfort of your home without having to look for the pizza guy. Pizza Ovens and More Adelaide realise this and that is why we have brought you the luxury of making pizza at home! Our wide range of pizza ovens not only give you a wide range of options to choose from but also be there whenever you need any help!



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